Social Media portfolio

My usual work routine includes creating social media content, distilled from social media strategy.
All content is produced by me.

Here I’m showcasing ability to:

  • Research clients audience and write a relevant copy,
  • Art direction, ability to find adequate visual style and create posts (graphic design),
  • Research relevant hashtags and post the content at the best time.


A fancy, Italian restaurant in Miami.


US based web-shop selling hemp


Bar in Orlando.

Instagram content + Blog post

For fictional USA trucking company I created:

  • Two Instagram posts
  • Wrote a blog post about current state of the industry in 2019

What’s Ahead of Us in 2019?

Trucking is undergoing a transformation, as new technologies, e-commerce, ELDs, and economic growth reshape the supply chain landscape and add volatility to the mix. In 2018 we witnessed trucking demand increase, since strong industrial and consumer sectors lead to high trucking demand. Now, facing new political instability in the USA and overseas, economic and political volatility contribute to a reduction in shipping volume.

Driver Shortage Persists

In addition to the more than 1,400 truck drivers hired in 2018, Walmart stated that “hundreds more are slated to join the fleet.” If that median salary for a truck driver in 2018, on a national, irregular route was over $53,000, in 2019 drivers will earn one cent extra per mile as well as pay for every arrival – adding up to roughly 89 cents per mile, or an average of $87,500 per year. That’s 46.375% increase. To solve this problem, Walmart is now hiring drivers with 30 months of experience; previous was three years.

Rising Costs

The labor shortage in the trucking industry means increased wages and incentives for drivers, which increases the cost to operate a fleet. It is good news for owner-operators who can enjoy the higher freight rates. Rising energy costs due to instability in the Middle East and other reasons can also contribute to rising costs for transportation. At the same time, new technology, may end up reducing costs in the future.

Geopolitical Impacts

Already mentioned Middle East fuel instability, might be only tip of the iceberg. Key source of drivers revenue, keeps declining since April of 2018, CNBC reports. Truck are in fall about 15% in all areas (Standard, Refrigerated or Flatbed trucks). Reason? High tariffs due to trade war with China. What retailers and manufactures did at the end of the years, was front load everything they could. Everyone was hoping for and of this trade war, and better rates. Since there is not a political solution on the horizon, and prices did increase, now everyone is waiting. That’s a major problem for truckers revenue, since they can’t profit from declining Dual transactions.

For Instagram (could be adapted easily for FB/TW/LinkedIn)

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All clients are fictional.