How do you define yourself as a photographer?

“I don’t. I try to be as undefined as I possibly can, and I actually encourage other photographers to do the same. If you define yourself as a photographer, you fall into the trap of defining your style, who you are, everything you do and deliver – and this is the opposite of being creative. So by being totally undefined, I am opening up to whatever possibilities there could be on any given shoot. Because the thing about photography in general, and especially people photography, is that every shoot is an entity in and of itself. And you have to treat it as such. Otherwise, it is as if you are treating people all the same way. Imagine talking to your banker the same as your butcher. If you talk about steaks to your banker, he is going to think you are insane. It may be a bit crazy example, but that is actually what most photographers are doing with their pictures. So I personally try to be as undefined as I can be to be sure that I am treating each shoot with fresh eyes and individuality.”

Andrea Belluso interview for Phase One